Sunday, April 26, 2015

No-longer Secret Project -- and Why It Has Been Slow

You may have been wondering why posts on Strange Encounters have been slowing down.  Some has been a rush at work - to be honest.  The largest cause, though, has been a project that has been under wraps until this week.  I can now explain an exciting new direction for my efforts related to the Cypher System.

I have been working on a new recursion for The Strange since before the game was actually released last year.  The first part of that effort will be released as an article in the inaugural issue the Cypher Caster Magazine.  The magazine will include several interesting articles covering material across the various Cypher System games (released and forthcoming).  In addition to Cypher System news, there will be advice articles on running game, adventures for the various settings, and other useful material to support your games.

My early efforts will be focused on developing resources for my new recursion -- Holstenwall.  Holstenwall (inspired, in part, by the classic horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari) is a setting based around a variety of gothic horror tropes.  You can take a party into Holstenwall itself for adventures  or simply adapt creatures and adventures from there to bring a gothic horror tone to other recursions (including Innsmouth -- but also Earth, Ardeyn, the Gloaming, etc.).

I may release some material for the setting on Strange Encounters; though this will not be the only type of post here.  Between the blog and the magazine articles, I aspire to provide: adapted monsters, cyphers, and foci; adventures for Holstenwall and beyond; tips on providing a gothic horror tone to your gaming table; and a panorama of locations for setting your adventures.

I hope you enjoy the material as much as I have enjoyed developing it.  I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

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