Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Quick Assessment of Community Interest

I wanted to update you on the direction of the blog.  I have been experimenting with different types of content to see what got the best response.  The response seems pretty clear.

The best response has come from the articles that adapt material from other games and discuss issues at a meta-system level.  Some of this is to be expected.  Discussing the Dracula Dossier while there is an ongoing kickstarter campaign was pretty well assured to generate some attention -- though that was not the primary motivation for me to do it.  Discussing other systems brings in people from other game communities.

Content that was specific to the Cypher System (like reactions to the Eschatology Code, NPCs, etc.) was less popular.  While there may have been a few dozen views of this content, there were 100+ views of the cross-over and meta-system discussions.

I am taking this as a reason to focus on the meta-system discussions.  This is not entirely unexpected.  After all, the Strange Encounters segments started with just this sort of meta-system content.

I will resume the podcast segments (the gap was just a short vacation on my part) soon and keep posting.  Some of the upcoming content may include:

  • Adapting elements of 5E DnD (bonds, ideals, inspiration, backgrounds)
  • Adapting paths/roads from World of Darkness RPGs as an alignment system
  • Planning skill balance in sessions (with a dash of Gumshoe)
  • Expanding research and discovery options
  • Adapting FATE-style environment descriptors as a planning approach  
  • Heck -- I may even pull some ideas in from boardgames :)
Of course, I will sprinkle in other types of material as it strikes me.  I will keep watching where the interest seems to be.  Feedback, as always, is appreciated.

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