Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September Project NPCs Part I

Building on the notion of using AIM as a model for the September Project (SP), I want to offer a few examples of NPCs built from this inspiration.  For today, I will provide a simple NPC to serve as the initial series of guards a team is likely to cross when infiltrating a SP installation.  Remember that the theme is "corporate science."  To an un-quickened (or uninformed) eye, everything should look at least close to normal -- until it doesn't.

SP Desk Staff (level 3)

Photo: Michael Coghlan

Narrative description

The office building opens into a brightly lit foyer.  Occupying the center of this foyer is a large, circular security desk.  All visitors are expected to check in -- and the prevalence of cameras suggests that bypassing the desk may garner unwanted attention.  As you approach the desk, a security agent in a nice dark suit looks up at you.  You see past his forced smile to see a blue glow deep in his eyes.  Clearly they are waiting for you to check in.

Exceptional abilities

One may expect to see 3-5 of these agents at a reception desk.  Remember to use options for group attacks if you choose.

The SP Desk Staff have been augmented to increase their ability to notice anything that may represent a threat to the facility.  While a level 3 NPC, SP Desk Staff are level 4 with regards to perception and seeing through lies or disguises.

Possibly unbeknownst to the SP Desk Staff themselves, they have also been augmented in various ways.  The first is that all that they see or hear is recorded.  This could prove quite important if the SP needs to review the tapes later to see who entered the building.  These augmentations provide a convenient redundancy in case the lobby cameras are circumvented.  The embedded cameras may also be equipped with various improvements like heat sensors.

If threatened, the SP Desk Staff reveal their other major augmentation.  Their eyes dilate (indicating that their programing is taking over) and they reach towards the threat revealing a taser (level 4 -- stunning taser) embedded in his palm.  Each SP Desk Staff has a single use taser in one hand.

GM Intrusion

Wyoming National Guard

The SP Desk Staff is concerned that no one make it past them.  They need to buy some time for the more powerful security teams to arrive.  Any SP Desk Staff near the desk can activate an alarm.  Simultaneous with the alarm, dispensers emerge from the ceiling to spray what looks like fire retardant foam covering everything (and everyone) within 30 feet of the desk.  The foam quickly hardens.  Anyone seeking to move -- whether to actually change locations or even to take an aggressive action -- must overcome a level 5 might challenge to break free of the foam.

Next up -- who shows up when the alarms sound?

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